About Herodotus Consumer Limited

We define ourselves as a small speciality coffee maker who directly sources and selects the best coffee beans and then roasts them to inspiring standards of perfection so that when brewed the coffee will hold its integrity and uniqueness in the cup

The Herodotus Consumer Limited is an independent consumer goods merchanting company. The company is incorporated under the Indian Companies act of 2013 as a limited company. As a trading company, the Company is in a position to always provide the latest information collected in house for its customers and also conduct market expansion activities for its suppliers. We supply our customers with various qualities along with reliable and dependable service.

We are experienced forging long-term relationships with both producers and end users. Company engaged in the import and export, sale, distribution of paper and stationery products. Herodotus seeks to further expand its business activities in India, while striving to enhance the level of service it provides to its customers.

Our teamwork along with our fair business ethics helped us in having long standing relationships with our foreign suppliers and Indian customers. Strive for operational excellence has enabled Herodotus to build up and sustain its brand value among its customers. Since inception, the company has gone hand in hand with the best available technology across the globe and this has helped the company to introduce excellent quality products. The world class technology complimented by highly dedicated and experienced team of professionals has helped to accomplish strong customer support worldwide.

Mission & Vision


To strive to be one of India’s premier merchant, driven by our vision and commitment to our core values.


To create an entrepreneurial environment that stimulates extraordinary performance and to build one of the India's largest and most efficient consumer goods solution providers.


To be the preferred supplier of consumer goods solutions in the market by offering competitive pricing and value added services across the range of our offerings;

To develop and manage strong business relationships with our existing and potential customers;

To be the preferred business partner to our suppliers;

To stimulate extraordinary performance from our employees.


Integrity, Transparency & Business Ethics

Maintaining the highest level of integrity and full transparency in all our interactions with our stakeholders; and Maintaining the highest possible ethical standards.

Customer Loyalty

Providing sincere and prompt customer service;

Building customer awareness about future product and market trends;

Maintaining the quality norms & standards and Setting quality benchmarks.

Improvement & Innovation

Continually improving processes, systems, policies, delivery and turnaround times; and

Deploying innovative methods, tools & techniques.


Striving to achieve excellence in all spheres of activity.

Team Work

Respecting the individual

Inculcating fellow feeling and team spirit across the organisation

Learning from one another, looking beyond one's own area of work to assist in the completion of tasks and recognising others’ performance.

Board of Directors

Herodotus Consumer Limited is a company which is managed by professionally qualified directors and employees. The Company’s management team is comprised of a company secretary, divisional heads for each of its offices and its qualified chartered accountants.


Why Recycle?

• Recycling conserves our valuable natural resources.
• Recycling saves energy.
• Recycling saves clean air and clean water.
• Recycling saves landfill space.
• Recycling can save money and create jobs.

More Recycling Facts:

• Each ton of recycled paper can save:
• 17 Trees
• 1440 litres of Oil
• 3 cubic yards of Landfill Space
• 4,000 kilowatts of Energy
• 26,500 litres of Water